Centrly helps organizations discover partnership opportunities and map connections using a visual database custom-fit to their industry.  

The Pain of Complexity


Your organization has a CRM. Each team in your organization then several Excel sheets of contacts they track. You track competitors via Google News, find new companies to work with via LinkedIn and Crunchbase.... 

... only to discover an opportunity 6 months too late. 


Discover new corporate sponsors by seeing those who already support innovation programs

Find startups matching your criteria and assess their prominence by looking at who they work with

Tame your FOMO*. Discover the best connections.


We take data - our public market research + your inputs - and run it through graph analytics algorithms to deliver curated insights.

*The gut-wrenching fear of missing out

See it in action. 

Warm intros with Centrly Social Capital.

Know what you want? Don't know yet? Let us try to get you a warm intro via a chain of trusted connections. Submit your offer, pay only if it's successful!




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