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Automated Market Intelligence

Understanding and tracking companies you need to know about is hard.


Centrly makes company discovery, research, and tracking easy so you can more efficiently sell, compete, and partner.

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Detect Signals About Companies of Interest with Topic Trackers

Define the set of topics you want to track for a given list of companies - leads, competitors, partners. Signals are acquisitions, investments, or mentions in the news relating to your topic trackers. With signals, you’ll know just how active these companies really are in your space.

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Get Signals Delivered Right to Your Inbox

Keep track of the ever-changing dynamics of your market. As new signals emerge, Centrly will email you to let you know.

Cut through the noise.


It's the 21st century, and yet we still rely on trade shows and word of mouth to find customers. This kills many new technologies before they see the light of day because they fail to cross the chasm. And for those that do, the process is 3x longer than it should be.

Centrly is on a mission to get breakthrough technologies such as in climate, space, and medicine, to market faster. We believe that the best way to fight climate change is not a point solution, but rather addressing the innovation system overall, fixing the inefficiencies of bringing technologies to mass-scale.

Here's who's onboard. Are you?


3x Alumni on the Team

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'21 Lister - Energy

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'22 Technology Pioneer

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Lead Investor

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