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A word from Katia Paramonova

Founder, CEO

Life's Mission: I've spent time around the world (US, Russia, Switzerland, Ghana, and India) working in renewables, nuclear, robotics, and higher education. I've time and again come across situations where people would benefit from knowing each other but do not, because they attend different conferences, speak different languages, or do not even think to look at a certain industry as a market for their technology. I'm dedicated to building a better system to accelerate ideas to market by creating a system that's much more... systematic.

Founding Experience:

(1) Hexagon - a consulting business modernizing Russian universities

(2) YES-Europe - the first community for all European young energy professionals

(3) Deployment Department (Founding Director) at Vecna Robotics, a venture-backed warehouse robotics automation company

MIT BS - Nuclear Engineering (major), Public Policy (minor), and Gordon Engineering Leadership (GEL) Program (certificate)

EPFL MS - Energy Management, Thesis "Role of Intermediaries in the MA Cleantech Sector"

About Centrly

Basics: Centrly is a bootstrapped startup with its HQ in San Diego, CA. 

Team: Our team of 5 is located across the world, from North to South America to Asia.

Traction: We've completed pilots with 3 startups (energy efficiency, IoT, and entertainment), 1 cleantech accelerator, 1 tech transfer firm, and 1 industry association. Stuff worked, stuff broke. And we've learned a ton.

Why us: MIT-alumni founded (1.5x founder) + SW team from a previously successful exit. We are in it for the long-haul & are motivated by the larger end-goal, not short-term gains.

Fun Fact #1: Our former name was Network of Networks (NoN). We opted for centrality vs emptiness :D

Fun Fact #2: Our team spans 16 time zones. 

Fun Fact #3: Two of our team members share a hobby of doing jigsaw puzzles. Three are Starbucks fanatics.


Our Values

  1. Impact - We are dedicated to making a change in the world. The company’s bottom-line objective is to advance humankind by accelerating the development of technology. 

  2. IntegrityA network of trust only lasts as there is trust. A broken chain of trust - internally among team members or externally with customers - breaks everything. We do the right thing. 

  3. Boldness -  A proactive behavior and attitude that challenges the status-quo is essential for breaking past the barriers of traditional ways of doing business. We take risks.

  4. Diversity - We are inclusive of all individuals, regardless of race, gender identity, age, culture, physical & mental ability, or professional background. The best innovation comes out of highly diverse teams.

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