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Competitive Intelligence with Centrly

Track Competitor Growth with Ease

Track your market activity, unknown competitors, growth strategies, and more in real-time with Centrly

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Track Known Markets and Competitors

Track your competition’s activity to discover growth strategies and see how you compare in known markets.

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Uncover Unknown Markets with Signals

Following market activity through competitor announcements can reveal unknown markets for your business.

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Expand New Verticals with Intelligence

Cut through the noise of market activity by tracking co-mentions to establish successful strategies for new vertical growth.

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News Tracking is Comprehensive, Up-to-Date, and Curated with Centrly

2 Million +

Build your list from our growing database of over 2 million company prospects

1 Hour

Get signals as they come. CoryAI runs on the hour so you can stay up-to-date on your prospecting activity.

Minimal Noise

In a lake of hundreds of data points, Centrly presents topical data to your interests, eliminating tedious noise.

Trusted by Leading Professionals

Chief Business Development Officer at Autonomous Robotics Startup

“I feel that this is really pulling in effective information that I need … it helps to see their overall strategy in order to put a proposal together. Who’s active in the market and what approach are they taking?”

Power your Competitive Intelligence Today

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