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Get Started with Centrly

Last Updated: February 6, 2023

Step 1 - Add Companies from Centrly's Database

Under Construct in the top-right, input company keywords, revenue / employee count, and location to find companies using Centrly's database. Note that the list length is capped based on your subscription. 

Centrly - List Construction - Search.png

Step 2 - Add Companies Directly to the List

Under Add Co in the top-right, you also have the option to add known companies you'd like directly to the list, as well, using the drop-down.

Centrly - List Construction - Direct Add.png

Step 3 - Define your Topics

Under Track in the top-right, you can add several categories of topics that you are interested in for these companies and their associated keywords, pressing enter after each one. The tool is smart enough to try different endings, so no need to add all variants of a word. We suggest bucketing very unique categories of keywords under 1 topic bucket, as you'll be able to filter by them later. 

Tips - Make sure to use aliases, e.g. "EV" and "electric vehicles" and avoid noisy keywords, e.g. "ROY". 

Centrly - Set up Topics.png

Step 4 - Save and Run!

Add a Lead List title in the top-left and then click Save and Start Tracking in the top-right to get the list loading. Some signals will load automatically and others will load in an hour. The list will be locked until you unsave.

Important - For the signals to load, you need to click save. 

Centrly - Save and Run.png

Step 5 - Review your Signals

You can open up a company's profile to view all of their signals or click on one of the signals skittles directly. To filter out signals - by topic or by signal type, click the gear icon in the Signals column.

And that's it! Come back anytime to review signals for a given company. You'll get push notifications via weekly news updates for these companies as things change.

Centrly - Signals Filtering.png
Centrly - Company Profiles & Signals.png
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