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Centrly completes pilot for BrightDrop, validating its market intelligence platform

Centrly, a market intelligence company accelerating technological innovation, recently collaborated with BrightDrop, a new business from General Motors reimagining commercial delivery and logistics for an all-electric future, for a two-month proof of concept pilot to test and validate its market intelligence platform for solving complex enterprise ecosystems such as the electric last-mile delivery landscape.

The commercial delivery and logistics industry is dynamic. As the rise in global e-commerce continues to skyrocket, businesses are seeking smarter, more efficient ways to deliver goods and services, creating an industry ripe for new entrants, technologies, and solutions. Centrly, which brings together a team of MIT alumni and early team members from exit-ed startups studied the rapidly evolving landscape of this intricate market to further test, refine, and validate its product.

Centrly used data, automation, advanced graph analytics, and artificial intelligence to uncover market opportunities and competitive landscapes by analyzing market leaders and their relationships. Through data and relationship mapping techniques, Centrly’s platform helped identify potential sales, partnership, and other growth opportunities for BrightDrop throughout the two-month pilot phase.

Offering a novel graph-based solution on an enterprise platform that helps discover, prioritize, and track opportunities and threats, Centrly’s market intelligence platform features unique capabilities across market landscape research, partner scouting, and knowledge management. The platform reduces the time it takes for companies to discover partners and market opportunities by generating strategic targets and producing rich data sets on potential customers, partners, and competitors. It can monitor, map, and identify networks suitable for opportunity and strategic initiatives, designed specifically to meet the needs of its customers and providing them with regular updates on targets of interest.

Centrly provides companies with a more strategic understanding of the market, uniquely positioning them with the visualization and automation needed to stay ahead in rapidly evolving industries.

About Centrly:

Centrly is a market intelligence platform that accelerates technology to market by helping companies discover opportunities. Centrly’s software aggregates and labels a myriad of unstructured, public data into a network graph and runs graph analytics on it to help its customers discover and prioritize partner, acquisition, and customer leads.

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Contact Information:

Katia Paramonova, Founder, CEO

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