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Centrly Pro In Action: Tracking EV Charging Momentum Through Retail Companies Using Signals

Updated: Feb 22


Entering into a new market is cumbersome for any entity providing innovative technologies - from a startup to a large company. Market research is costly both in the finances and opportunity cost, with manual effort needed to sift through the vasts amounts of data points that tell a story of market activity.

Even for a super small set of 25 EV companies, over the last 2 years, you’d need to sift through 20k Google News search results to find the 2k relevant ones about EV chargers, read all of them, and save the most relevant facts into an Excel sheet. Oh, and do it again weekly. Not fun (or humanly possible) to do.

Let’s dive into how Centrly can tackle this issue effortlessly and rapidly so companies can know their market in minutes.

Case Example

Electric Vehicles (EVs) have taken an exponential spike over the past 10 years. Stellantis has defined their goal of 100% sales to be electric in Europe by 2030 (Link). Volvo aims to transition 50% of their global sales to be electric vehicles by 2025 (Link). By 2030, BMW projects half of their auto-production will be electric (Link).

As we observe EV expansion, the EV charger market has grown in parallel. Companies like ChargePoint and EVgo have found themself in a unique position to grow quickly across verticals as the demand for charging stations increases.

Knowing the demand is one piece, tracking which verticals are ready to buy vs which are just starting to get intrigued presents a challenge. Going through news announcements, press releases, and other public data takes weeks to digest and by the time the story is built, an account may have already moved on with a different vendor in their procurement process.

With Centrly, the story of which market is ready to buy, which providers lead the growth, and which companies are rising becomes clear in half the time.

The Approach

In this scenario, a list of retail companies has been built from Centrly’s database of over 2 million companies with topic trackers for EV Charging technologies. In the span of an hour, Centrly’s AI - Cory, generated over 2,000 signals companies in the list that have had news-mentions (the company was mentioned with the topic of EV charging), co-mentions (articles where the company was mentioned with another company that is in the topic of interest), acquisitions, or investments.

Analyzing Signals

Reviewing the set of over 2,000 signals for a list can efficiently tell a story of market movement, whether the list is competitors or leads. From the list defined, we can use signals to quickly form intelligence into EV charging companies and how they are developing relationships with retail giants using a sub-set of co-mentioned companies, Volta Charging and Electrify America.

Observing that Volta has outperformed other co-mentioned companies in 2022, let’s dig into some of the co-mentioned signals they had:

Electrify America, another EV charging company co-mentioned frequently with companies in our list showed promising performance in retail towards the end of 2022:

Actionable Insights

Here are a few ways you can put the the intel Centrly mined for you into action:

  1. Competitors can understand growth strategies for EV charging companies, like Electrify America and Volta Charging, when entering into the retail market by tracking co-mentions.

  2. Sales teams for EV charging companies can know which retail companies - Walmart, Ikea, and Walgreens - have EV charging solutions. Other leads in the list such as CVS and H-E-B don’t have co-mentions with charging companies and may show more promising opportunities.

  3. Marketers can pin-point which types of retail companies are actively buying and better develop product marketing campaigns to target similar prospects.

Don’t let opportunities pass by as manual research is done, utilize Centrly to track what matters to your company in real-time. Sign up today to begin seeing signals for companies you care about or speak with a Centrly representative to learn more.

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