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Getting the Most out of Centrly Pro

Updated: Feb 22

Whether you are a sales professional looking to track movement of leads, a marketer looking to track the chatter of potential customers, or an individual looking to cut through the noise of news data, Centrly Pro provides you with the signals you need to succeed.

Dive into some of the features and tips on how to get the most out of the Centrly platform so you can focus on understanding the data that matters to you the most.

1: Build Your List From our Database of >2 Million Companies

List construction is an integral part to Centrly Pro and if done right, can yield a rich list. There are 4 steps to constructing your list that you will want to take advantage of:

Adding Descriptors

Descriptors in Centrly Pro help you filter your list to show companies that fit that industry. If you are a sales person looking to track leads, use descriptors of companies you sell to. If you are looking to track competitors, use descriptors that would match your company.

Filtering based on Revenue and Employee Count

Once the descriptors have been defined to your liking, the revenue and employee count filters can be adjusted to match the criteria of companies you wish to track. Adjust the slider bars and watch your list reload to match the new, defined filters.

Setting Location Filters

Looking to sell to a market in a different country? Trying to track companies in your country? The Location filter allows you to construct your list to only include companies in the locations you are interested in. Add countries by name to the field and observe the renewed list.

Adding Companies Manually

Don’t see a company on your list? Have a list of companies ready to track? Don’t fret, you can switch to the “Add Co.” tab to manually add companies to your list that didn’t appear initially. Search from Centrly’s database of companies to find companies that matter to you.

💡Note: Your list may not be perfect the first go-around. Take time to review the companies in your list, adjust the constructors to your liking, and make sure to add any companies that are missing. Building the right list from the start can be beneficial to generating powerful signals for the companies you care about.

2: Only Track the Topics You Care About

Topic Trackers are an integral part to Centrly’s product and if done right, can yield powerful signals for companies in your list. Defining the right keywords is important because our algorithm will search press releases, news announcements, market movement and more based off of your topic trackers. Let’s take a look at some tips for choosing the right topic trackers to get the most out of Centrly’s signals:

Be Specific

Specificity in keywords is important to remember. The more specific the keyword, the more accurate the resulting signals will be. For example, if you wish to track a company’s activity and growth into a new market, choose specific words that define that market. Use words like “grocery” and “restaurant” rather than “food and beverage”, or “last-mile delivery” rather than “logistics”. Remember: it’s better to be more specific than more general.

Explore Different Topics

Centrly Pro grants you the feature of 5 topic trackers per list, so explore different topics to understand what activity your companies have been up to. Multiple topic trackers allow users the ability to track their companies across multiple verticals, a power that proves difficult to do manually. Want to know which markets your companies are entering? Define 5 different topic trackers. Remember: you can filter your to show signals that pertain to one or more topic trackers.

Answer the question: “What Markets Interest Me?”

Answering this simple question can guide you towards defining your topic trackers by honing in on what really matters to you. Whether you are a sales professional, marketer, or an individual looking to follow company activity, asking yourself this question prior to setting topic trackers can help unlock keywords that may have been difficult to generate.

💡Note: Well-defined topic trackers will enhance your signals. Spend time exploring keywords that help define the markets you wish to track prior to locking your list so you can efficiently cut through the noise and signify the activity that matters to you most.

3: Explore Signals Instantly as they Appear

Once you have spent time constructing your list and defining the topics you wish to track, watch the magic happen as Cory AI begins finding you signals. As signals begin to appear, companies in your list will sort based on descending signal quantity. To get the most out of the signals, here are some tips to practice on Centrly Pro:

Filter and Sort by Signals

Depending on your Topic Trackers, you may begin to see a large quantity of signals appear for your companies. By filtering the signal type and topic tracker, you can see which companies have the most activity related to the topics you have set.

Explore Signal Text

Clicking on the company name and scrolling down, the signals can be viewed in reverse-chronological order, with signals bundled together by topic and date. Reading through the signal text will give you a higher-level understanding of the news announcement. Want to read more? Clicking on the signal text will direct you to the source, allowing you the option of reading the full article if you wish.

Interpret the Signal Types

On Centrly Pro, there are 4 types of signals: 1) News Mentions, 2) Co-Mentions, 3) Investments, and 4) Acquisitions. Here is the breakdown:

Type of Signal

Description of Signal

News Mention

​the company is mentioned in a news post regarding the defined topic.


​the company is mentioned in a news post of that topic with another company OR the company is mentioned in a news post with a company that has that topic as one of their descriptors.


​that company is mentioned in a news post about an investment regarding that topic.


that company is mentioned in a news post about an acquisition regarding that topic.

Knowing the signal types can help digest the information quicker and understand why Cory AI defined that signal for one of the companies in your list.

Taking time to review the signals will give you the ability to know which companies in your list are mentioned with which topics, which companies are acting on their strategies to a new market, and/or build a story about how a market is moving.

4: Mark Targets, Hide Distractions

Now that the list has been defined and signals can be seen, it’s time to review the companies and signals to adjust your interest. Interest markers allow you the ability to remove or sort based on your interest. Here is the guide for choosing interest markers:

Needs Review

Look over this company. Unreviewed companies do count towards your 100 company cap and we will track them for signals.

Not Interested (Hide)

This company is not relevant and/or worth targeting. Disqualified companies do not count towards your 100 company cap and we will not track them for signals.


This company may become a target later.


A company we are actively pursuing or planning to pursue.

💡Note: Once a company is marked as Not Interested, the company will be removed from your list. If you have made a mistake or want to add the company back to your list, head to the Add/Hide Co. panel to add the company back.

5: Stay up-to-date with Signals right to your Inbox

News is dynamic, and so are signals! Initially, you will see signals start to generate in your list, but as the weeks go by, Centrly Pro will update you will new signals that Cory AI has generated for your companies right to your email inbox. Trying to track leads? Looking to understand competitor movement? Centrly Pro takes the tedious, manual effort out of tracking your companies and organizes the news the way you want it. Keep an eye out for your curated weekly signals update and see how your companies compare on Centrly Pro.

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