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Why Centrly?

Find the right customers, partners, acquisitions, and investments in real-time

Only receive relevant important news about your markets.

  • Public news data holds tremendous insights for market intelligence. However, development teams will spend hours a week reading irrelevant announcements that have little worth.

  • With Centrly, your team will only get the important data surrounding companies in markets that are relevant to you.

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Relevant News

Generate a complete understanding in real-time about market activity.

  • Financial data holds value, but when paired with news announcements and B2B relationship data, the picture becomes much clearer. With Centrly, your team will have a holistic view on market intelligence within hours.

News Mentions

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Respond to market activity as it happens.

  • Centrly sends you a report of signal activity for your team's list companies weekly so your team can focus on building actionable insights in response to real-time market changes. 

See how we stack up against some our competitors

Curated Weekly List Report
One Platform for all Use-Cases
Real-time Actionable Insights and Data
Affordable Pricing Structure
Competitive and Sales Intelligence
AI-Powered Noise Elimination
Industry News Media Monitoring
Built for Multi-Team Use Cases
Data Beyond Social Media Monitoring
Partner Potential Insights


Trusted by Leading Professionals

Chief Business Development Officer at Autonomous Robotics Startup

“I feel that this is really pulling in effective information that I need … it helps to see their overall strategy in order to put a proposal together. Who’s active in the market and what approach are they taking?”

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